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Republic of Cyprus
Partner countries - Development Assistance


Completed Project (2006-2007): “Construction of a boarding house for girls studying in the Sekonyela High School in Mokhotlong, Lesotho” in partnership with the Government of Ireland. The Government of Ireland was represented by IrishAid. The implementing agent was the Ministry of Education and Training of Lesotho on the basis of bilateral agreement between Ireland and Lesotho. The project entailed the construction of a boarding house for girls studying in the Sekonyela High School in the district of Mokhotlong and the purchase of the necessary equipment. The girls residing in the nearby area had to walk long distances in order to get to school and this exposed them to various dangers. The boarding school helped in resolving this problem. The total contribution for this project amounted to €351,000 and it was completed at the end of 2007.

Pictures showing the area of the school before and after the construction
of the boarding house (building with the green roof).

Completed Project (2008-2009): “Lowlands Primary School Construction - Refurbishment of 5 schools in the areas of Botha-Bothe and Leribe in Lesotho". As a follow-up to our support in the education sector for Lesotho and on the basis of the same partnership with “Irish Aid” and the Ministry of Education and Training of Lesotho, the Government of Cyprus provided funding for the refurbishment of five schools that were destroyed by strong winds in 2007. The schools that were refurbished were the following: Moteng, Mantlobo, Muela, Cartwright (Botha-Bothe area) and Befole (in the area of Leribe). The total contribution for the 2-year period amounted to €540,000 (€170,000 for 2008 and €370,000 for 2009).

Pictures of the schools refurbished with funds of the Cyprus Government.

Ongoing project (2010-2011): “Lerotholi Polytechnic Construction”, in cooperation with the Government of Ireland. The project concerns the construction of a 402 m2 building in Lerotholi Polytechnic School in Lesotho. The contribution of the Cyprus Government amounted to €440.000 (€170.000 for 2010 and €270.000 for 2011).

Pictures of the building constructed with funds of the Republic of Cyprus.


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